Igor & Damarys (preview)

Over the Christmas holidays I was lucky to be part of the lovely wedding of Igor and Damarys. This couple’s happy day revitalized me and was a very welcome part of my holiday season. I’ll be posting the full wedding soon, but as a teaser for Damarys here are some stand-outs.






9 responses to “Igor & Damarys (preview)”

  1. Rachel Penabella Avatar
    Rachel Penabella

    Absolutely Beautiful. You look like a bride in a fairy tale. Fabulous pictures for a fabulous day! Congrats!!!

  2. Lyudmyla Bobina Avatar
    Lyudmyla Bobina

    Such a beautiful couple! I wish you to be happy for a long-long time.

  3. Damarys & Igor Avatar
    Damarys & Igor

    Doug, these images are mesmerizing. You have an amazing artistic talent which captures the stunning beauty of each image. Just completely beautiful! I can’t wait to see more.

  4. Christine Fernandez Avatar
    Christine Fernandez

    Doug,these pictures are beautiful! You captured the special moments. You did an amazing job. I look forward to working with you again!

  5. Gleibys Avatar

    YESS, was a beautiful wedding,and you look fabulous. CONGRATULACION!!!!!

  6. Myriam Boniche Avatar
    Myriam Boniche

    These photos are beautiful, Doug thank you for making my daughter and Igor look like magazine models. It was a pleasure having you at the wedding.

  7. Terri Jones Avatar
    Terri Jones

    Damarys, these are fabulous!!! Congratulations to you and Igor may you have a very blessed long married life!!!

  8. Sharon Baum Avatar
    Sharon Baum

    Damarys, what beautiful pictures. Such a classy wedding – done very tasteful. You made a beautiful bride!

  9. Damarys Belayev Avatar
    Damarys Belayev

    Doug, the picture with the veil over us standing next to the Royce Rolls should definitely be in your top 100 🙂

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